We’ll create a website that exactly fulfills your requirements

The result of our joint cooperation is a unique website with a modern design that takes into account your specialty field – an introductory page, e-commerce site, web forum and so on.

Your website can be paid for with a monthly payment plan which includes a year of updates and administration.

Write or call us and together we’ll figure out a fitting solution.

Websites built on dependable Content Management Systems

We specialize in WordPress and Drupal CMSs. Over 30% of all websites on the internet are built on WordPress and its huge userbase guarantees up-to-date technologies and security.

Drupal is used for large scale complex websites in need of maximum security.

Websites created by us are designed to be viewed on all devices

A modern website must be designed for responsiveness with every possible screen size in mind, for that we use the Bootstrap framework.

58% of all internet traffic takes place on smart devices.

Responsive design directly affects search results – Google ranks mobile-friendly sites higher as more than half of its search queries are done from smartphones.

All websites created by Anyweb have mobile-friendly designs fit to be viewed on a 4 inch or a 40 inch screen.


* Example prices for one year contract, after which you become the sole owner of the website

  • Contact us

    Creating a website starts with contacting us, at which point we’ll figure out your exact needs and requirements

  • Design

    A mock-up design is drafted according to our mutual agreement and sent to you for review, after which a prototype is created

  • Website creation

    On completion of the prototype different functions and content is added

  • Testing

    After adding functionality the site is tested and any bugs found are fixed

  • Veebilehe üleandmine

    After thorough testing the completed site is transferred to you with instructions on how to later make any necessary improvements.

What shapes the price of a website?

The price of a website depends on its content and functionality.

All sites have different functionality and so the time it takes to create them varies, for example an introductory site is not as time consuming as an e-commerce site and thus the price is also lower.

In addition, many smaller modules and services, such as a booking system, multilingualism or search engine optimization raise the price of a website.

What is website administration?

Website administration includes monthly uploads of content created by the client, adding translations to content, plugin updates, security patches, monthly visitor stats and so on.

Monthly administration does not include content creation, copywriting, plugin development, translation jobs and adding functionality.